Dynamic Walk

Competition Project • Organized by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Orange Coast College • Design Village • Adviser  •   Steve Fuchs  • Spring 2013

Lead designer and team leader: Khoa Vu

Assembly Team: Nathan Jang, Peter Won, William Ellswoth, Jesus Perez, Yura Oh

My Role: Base Design, Joint design, material selection, and essembly

Base design

The foundation or base for the installation needed to be able to be divided into sections, and it needed to be able to adapt to all landscapes and terrains. Standard lumber was chosen for the project; however, each piece was CNC machined to fit together like a puzzle.

Base detail

Breakdown of the foundation

Installation at OCC art exhibition

In June 2014, it was exhibited at Lanscaster Art and History Museum and showcased in Mana Film featuring Professor/Advisor/Designer Steve Fuchs.

Joint Design

With so may joints in this project I wanted to create something sleek, modern, and practical.  To do this, I chose stainless tube metal that was scrapped at OCC’s Construction Department. While bolts or traditional fasteners would have been quicker to implement, they would distract from the overall look and feel of this project. The combination of the Stainless steel and the Baltic Birch plywood was a perfect design choice.